Why Letip Of San Diego North


Did you know that Letip Of San Diego North is the second oldest group in San Diego? Our group started just shy of 5 months from the first group. Established in March 19th 1982.


Letip Of San Diego North not only has been around as a chapter since 1982 we also have a solid core group of members who have been a part of Letip since 1981. Our top 20 members have been a part of the group for more than 15 plus years. If you're looking for long lasting relationships then we extend our arms to you and welcome you to the family. 

Silver Badge Holders

It is an honor to have 5 silver badge holders. What this means is that these great individuals have brought 10 or more members to our group and were a part of the growth  of our group. We currently stand with over 50 plus members. 


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